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Misson & Vision

The longest journey begins with the smallest step so begin with the end in mind and focus on the long term instead of short term. Our Mission, Vision and Values portray who we are and what we intend to achieve and how to achieve it. This is spread at all levels of our employees and reflects in all the facades they work in.


  • To be recognized as the bench mark in the steel buildings industry; this will be accomplished through product Perfection, engineering Excellence and the Best customer services in the industry.

  • Optimal use of all resources.

  • Follow the highest quality standards.

  • Adopt best industry practices in all areas of operations


  • To offer our PEB services in every corner of the world its required and help others “build a better life” through industrialization.

  • To (jointly) build high capacity, efficient & cost effective steel factories for speedy delivery and for benefiting from “large economies of scale”.

  • To design and fabricate safety and technologically advanced buildings.

  • To offer customers flexibility in design & fabrication to meet their exact building requirements.

  • To offer 100 % customer satisfaction services in the industry.

  • The devotion to the best values along with the commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of operations would be our tools to achieve our mission.

  • To supply high-quality PEB products to a worldwide client base while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees and following all code of ethics.


  • Be a leader and not a follower.

  • Share knowledge and success with others when following the best business ethics and practices.

  • Forge local alliances wherever we go.

  • Apply only the latest design and buildings codes.

  • To offer 100 % customer satisfaction services in the industry.

  • Continually improve our products.

  • Customer service makes all the difference; customers are lifetime partners; always seek a win - win solution.