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  • +91 9039068025/ 024/ 021/ 023
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Industrial Ventilation System is maintenance free, economical and requires no electricity. These ventilators haul out polluted, stale and hot air from within the building and replace it with fresh air from outside. Our range is a natural roof ventilator, specially designed to fir any roof profile. Clients can avail these ventilators in ridge mounted units or slope mounted units, the low profile structure and arched blades offer appealing aesthetic.


  • Easy installation

  • Reduces energy bills

  • Rigid spider-type structure

  • Riveted at every connection

  • Reduces winter ice build up

  • Large flashing for easy installation

  • All-aluminum rust-free construction

  • Tested to withstand winds of 110 m.p.h

  • Exclusive vari-pitch base adjusts to 12/12 roof pitch